Meeting Kristen Curtis

07-04-15_11-15 PM

Traits: Neat, Romantic, Family Orientated and Domestic.

Aspiration: Big Happy Family

07-04-15_11-49 PM

Back story: Kristen Curtis was born into a poor family. She lived with them in Riverview until she was 18, when she had a huge falling out with her parents. They told her to leave and never come back, so that’s what Kristen did. She took her few belongings and hitch hiked all the way to Willow Creek.

On her way to Willow Creek, she met an elderly lady who was talking about how much she loved her huge family. She told Kristen that she was the 7th generation in a Legacy and proceeded to explain all the rules to Kristen. Kristen left that car with a new goal. She was going to start a Legacy where ever she ended up. And she was going to make sure her family finished it.


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