Chapter One: Are you seeing anyone?

07-07-15_8-58 PM

Today, I moved into my new lot. As soon as I set foot on the huge empty plot of land, I ordered some things to start the legacy with. I pulled up the online catalogue on my phone and ordered a fridge, an oven, one counter, a shower and a toilet. I then travelled to the town hall to register for a legacy. They gave me a statue for in exchange for §8,200 and wished me luck on my legacy! When I got home from the town hall, the moving man helped me lay out the few belongings I have.

07-07-15_9-03 PM

I need a job to earn a bit of cash, so I headed to the library to search for job advertisements. There were three jobs being advertised; writer’s assistant, waitress and medical intern. I’ve never been very good at science, so I crossed medical intern off my list. Writer’s assistant or waitress? With writer’s assistant, I can easily make a bit of extra money at home by writing books. With head dishwasher, I really can’t make any extra money at home.

After I made my decision, I phoned the job agency and got a job working as a writer’s assistant.

07-08-15_9-39 PM

Charlie: Oh my god! Is that you Kristen?

Kristen: Charlie Holm! It’s been years since we’ve seen each other, last time we talked we were in senior year of high school. What have you been up to?

Charlie: Not nearly as much as you, I heard you started a legacy. How’s that been going for you?

07-08-15_9-38 PM-2 07-08-15_9-37 PM

The conversation went on for ages. We talked for hours about anything and everything that happened since we last saw each other.

Kristen started to blush as she stuttered.

Kristen: So Charlie… this is going to sound really awkward but um are you seeing anyone? I need someone to er… have kids with.

Charlie: Uh… No one at the moment no. I have to go to work!


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